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Apr 22nd, 2007, 7:43pm  Constant updates (2017)
I have done more to stop people from buying  problematic hot tubs than any other person on earth.  (Each time you see a link, click on it and read. It can save you  thousands of dollars.)
Over 30,000,000 people have read our site my book and our Q and A. That is having an impact on hot tub sales.  I am glad that the word is out on hot tub companies and the games they play on consumers who are not aware of the sales tactics and just plain nonsense used to convince people to buy.

In the beginning most of our Haven buyers were engineers, because they do understand the physical world and that gives them an advantage over the average consumer.
Shopping for a quality spa at a hot tub store, is far more difficult than searching for the cause of existence in old rocks.  Every where you go, they have the "best spas".  So, you know that someone is not truthful.    An educated consumers is a better consumer and the consumers will buy quality, because they understand quality.  In the beginning most of our Haven buyers were engineers, because they do understand the physical world and that gives them an advantage over the average consumer.
 We cause people to stop, look and wait to make an informed decision. Sometimes this results in the customers not buying any spa, until they have enough money to purchase a Haven Spa.. and that is good.
 We help people to understand what is going on and how these hot tub companies are taking advantage of consumer hot tub ignorance.  http://www.spaspecialist.com/Bogus.html
   There has never been a case of "wolves in sheep's clothing" more than in the present condition of the spa industry.  There are many people who will tickle your ears with what they know you want to hear in order to sell you something, but an ethical person tells the truth as best as they know it. The problem for me, is I know engineering and what is required to make a real spa that lasts, with full therapy and CLEAN water. Therefor, when I was selling other people's spas back in 1994 I chose the only decent brand I could find, that was the old (prior to 1998) Coleman's.  This is because Coleman actually used engineers.
When you consider that most spas are substandard (way below my minimum standards), and the most expensive ones from the large corporations are real flashy products with no strength, you can understand why these salespeople really don't like me, and will lie, slander, libel and do anything to stop us. But the truth is I am fighting the monster of lies and deception in the Hot Tub industry and it is everywhere, with spa companies sharing new ways to fool people into believing their spas are "quality".   The end result is a lot of broken down hot tubs in people's back yards. 

I hate to read articles like this one http://moneyning.com/shopping-smart/what-does-buying-a-hot-tub-really-cost-6-hidden-expenses-to-consider/
The "problem" they have is our positive reputation record with all consumers and our customers.  We really do care about other people, and our relationship and responsibility to them.  It is not about money, and if it were ever a choice of ethics over money, then I would stop if the only way to stay in business was to cut value in our products and mislead as these other companies do.  
 It is not ethical to sell some substandard product to other human beings and to do so with statements like: "This is the best spa made."  

In this day and age, morals over money. .... money wins.   That is a very sad statement on the condition of humanity. 
The fact is, the best spa made today is the Super Custom Magnum spas from Haven.  There is nothing that even approaches that spa from any other hot tub company. So, if they are telling you that they "have the best spas", it is a direct lie.  Our lowest end models are far better than their "high end".  http://www.spaspecialist.com/Cameo_SilvercreekGold.html
  Most all of the Internet forums are run by Hxt Spr%ng Sales people, and you will get the worst information from those sites.  Because Hot Spring is the worst value today and has been for about 20 years as they keep cutting the quality and making them pretty.   But they do have the highest profits because of consumer ignorance.




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