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Haven Spas, The worlds best custom hot tubs and spas
Welcome. Haven Spas are All About:
Haven Spas Continues to
Beat Them all!
We have several new hot tub models that
beat all the competitors in value, energy
efficeincy, longevity and fantastic warm
water jet theapy that we are famous for.
Find our why we ship spas from Colorado
overseas and throughout the US
Now We Have Affordable
Solar Hot Tubs!
Imagine owning a hot tub that uses solar,
and the cost of ownership, is less than of
any other hot tub on earth. Our Solar
Hybrid technology destroys them all and
pays for itself, with affordable Solar
Powered spas for under $14,000 (USD)
Haven HQ NEWS!
Haven Spas announces the first practical and
extreme long lasting solar hot tub!

In this day and age, you cannot afford to use
normal electrical power to the extent that we
continue to use. We are running out of power
sources and we need to reduce the use of non
renewable energy. If you want to be way ahead
then contact us about a solar hot tub.
Haven Head Band Plays at Haven HQ.

You are welcome to come and listen, and enjoy. If
you like good music and freinds, just call or email
for directions and let us know you are coming.
Haven Spas are everywhere intelligent people are
UK, NL, USA, even Bali
Aug 1,

It is nice to find intelligent people from
all walks of life, who understand the nature of quality,
longevity and POWERFUL MASSAGE therapy
Haven Spas are known for.
Haven Spas are designed with so many details of construction and specifications that it
requires some "schooling" in order to understand. Our spas are not built by "bean counters"
or CEO's with no understanding of anything other than marketing. Our focus is engineering,
and we do not allow anything to interfere with correct use of engineering principles. That is
the "short version". For the long version go here

Haven Spas have the only hot tubs with total control over the dynamic use of warm air
insulation. We design the hot tubs for the environment they will be operated under. We
have them from all the way up in Alaska with -45 degrees F. below temperatures are normal
in winter, to Southern Florida and Hawaii, and yet it still adjusts to summers up in Alaska
and Summer in the Deep South, as well. The design is a dynamic insulation that takes into
account all of the energy used in the hot tub and doesn't wast any of it.

Our websites and advertising and marketing has been on the net for over 20 years, and we
are the oldest and first successful Internet hot tub company. We got this way by hard work and
producing far superior products without short cuts. We only short cut all the hype and
nonsense and just make the best hot tubs in the world, and we are making the difference
between the competition farther this year as we have for the past 19 years. We made our
spas so far ahead of the rest from the very beginning and we did not hold back on therapy.
Our jet therapy is now famous and much copied. Our 18 year old spas still outperform the
new spas from just about any company, so our customers don't need to upgrade, You see..
the 12 year old Haven Spas will outlast the brand new ones from the competition.

Welcome To Haven Spas.
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